5 Tips To Improve Your Yoga Practice From Yogis WIth Tails

5 Tips To Improve Your Yoga Practice From Yogis WIth Tails

Have you ever watched your dog or cat stretch?  Really stretch? It seems to come so naturally when they effortlessly begin their daily yoga practice. Somehow they know exactly how they need to move at each particular moment. This intuition and daily dedication demonstrate a natural wisdom that we would benefit from emulating. The fact is, this natural intuition is what we strive to achieve in our own yoga practice. Below are some pieces of advice your fur baby wishes you knew about the art of yoga.

  1.     Take Your Time

Dogs and cats have a special dedication to themselves. They know that their yoga makes them feel good, so there’s no point in rushing through it. As humans, we sometimes feel the need to hurry through our practice and get back to our busy lives. Take a tip from the tailed community and commit to the time you spend practicing yoga. You deserve it!

  1.     Savor The Stretch

Asanas are meant to be enjoyed. They are a joyful exploration of our bodies and, done correctly, can be as deliciously satisfying as catnip. One easy way to do this is to remind yourself to smile during your practice. Doing so will immediately elevate your mood, so you can find new energy in your yoga routine.

  1.     Don’t Compare Yourself To Others

The puppers know it would be silly to try to copy the way the cat stretches. Their bodies are completely different and therefore should not be compared. The only person a you should compare yourself to is yourself. You have the ability to improve each time you practice yoga. You won’t notice this improvement if you’re busy comparing yourself to someone else.

  1.     Practice Often

Our furry friends do not restrict their practice to just certain times of day. They intuitively know that yoga is a part of everyday life. Sure, it’s great to do a downdog upon rising, but that doesn’t stop you from doing a cat/cow during your work day if your back is getting stiff. Listen to your body and adjust your practice accordingly.

  1.     Savasana Is For Bonding

Your dog and cat wouldn’t mind if you occasionally invited her to lie on you or next to you while practicing corpse pose at the end of your practice. When you do this, you will feel instantly calmed and happy – and they will too. Check out "5 Simple Poses to Practice With Your Pooch" for more ways to connect with your pet.

Looking to learn more about the practice of Doga? Check out the free guide! 

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